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In addition to Regular Tubes, we offer several Deluxe Tubes. Cadilac tubes are tubes with a fabric cover and a mesh seat. They provide better back support making your tube float more comfortable and the cover keeps the tube from getting hot from the sun. The Round Deluxe Tube is made from heavy duty PVC and has two air chambers. They also have a convenient beverage holder as well as two handles that make it easy to move your tube out of water. The Square Deluxe Tube has a complet water tight bottom for those who do not like sitting directly in the water.

Raft Yard to The Landing - Average Floating Time - 3 HRS ::
For those of you who have never tubed Current River, you are in for a real treat, and for those of you who have, you know the fun that awaits. This tube trip requires two to four hours of actual floating time depending on water conditions. Remember you don't have to worry about any set arrival time at The Landing take out point. Take your coolers with your favorite beverages, lunch and snacks if you wish. We will show you how to secure your coolers for a safe trip down the river. If you plan to stop along the way and take your time you can stretch this outing to as long as you desire.

Waymeyer to The Landing - Average Floating Time - 6 HRS ::
This is our all day tubin' trip. Be sure to take plenty of beverages, lunch and snacks for your stops along the way. This tube trip requires five to six hours of floating time depending on water conditions, but with stops along the way be prepared to be out on the river seven or eight hours. We recommend that you start this trip no later than noon.

The Landing offers a variety of one day canoe floats.

The Landing to Big Spring ::
For those of you wanting to "get your feet wet" (so to speak), this may be the trip for you. Average floating time for this approximate three mile trip is one to two hours. There are plenty of stopping points along the way to relax, sunbathe, etc.

Waymeyer to The Landing ::
For those of you looking for a little longer trip (but still not a full day on the river), you may consider this float. The float time is approximately 3 hours for this 8 mile trip. Stop along the way and enjoy. This is a great half-day trip, but as in all our trips take all day if you like.

Waymeyer to Big Spring ::
This trip is a great way to spend a full day on the river. Stop back at The Landing to have lunch and arrange for pick up time down river. The approximate float time is 5 hours.

Log Yard to The Landing ::
By the time you stop for lunch, etc. on this approximate 20 mile trip, be prepared to spend a full day on the river. Average floating time is 6 to 7 hours, but allow yourself time for lunch and "R&R" along the way. Transportation to this put in point departs at 7AM on Saturday and Sundays. Weekdays will require an 8AM departure.

The Landing offers a large selection of one man, white water, self bailing inflatable kayaks. These vessels are considered funyaks on Current River. They are sort of a cross between a canoe and tube. Because they are self bailing you have some water in the kayak which is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. The kayaks are very maneuverable and stable and offer a great floating experience. Kayaks can be put in at both Raft Yard and Chilton Creek and will float slightly faster than rafts and tubes due to their design.
The Landing offers a large selection of 6 man rafts which are great for families and groups of 6 or less that want to float together. Food and beverage coolers can easily be carried in the rafts. This is a great way for families and groups to be together as the rafts are safe and very easy to maneuver. Rafts can be put in at both Raft Yard and Waymeyer and will require approximately the same floating time as the tube trips.



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